Best Company

Finding the best company to install and service HVAC needs

Before a consumer calls an HVAC design and installation company, there are many ways to familiarize oneself with the companies in a certain area.

The BBB may be a good place to start, and websites like Yelp can be helpful.

hvacWhen a consumer does call a company, it is important to ask the right questions. For routine maintenance, it is important to know in advance exactly what the technician who comes to the property can and cannot do during the inspection. He may check the belts, making replacement when necessary. Replace filters and of course oil all moving parts. He should inspect the wiring.

A gas-fired system may have fewer requirements. Filters should be changed frequently. The fan probably only needs oil once a year.

It is important to note the overall experience with a technician. Did the technician treat the consumer with respect? Did he, or they, leave the work area clean? Does the contractor respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies? Is the company punctual?

A good company should offer 24/7 service.

It the consumer bears some of this information in mind before calling an HVAC contractor, everybody will save not only time but money as well.