No matter how old or new the HVAC system or how large, every system, just like an automobile or other machine, needs routine maintenance to keep it running in its very best and most economical condition.

When an air conditioner is overworked and lacking routine maintenance, it can quickly lose power, work harder and not only cost more money in electric bills but deliver less than optimal comfort, thus canceling out the very purpose for which it was installed.

When the unit appears to be working properly, it’s easy to let time slip by and not notice a gradual decrease in efficiency until one day the consumer suddenly realizes that something is wrong. By that time, repairs can prove to be much more costly than a routine maintenance contract, and while waiting for parts, and repairs, days of heat and frustration can make lives very miserable.


Hot Humid Climates

In some areas, such as Florida, with humidity often hovering around 90% and even higher, the condition of your HVAC system is even more important.

In such a humid climate, the air is saturated with water. The consumer sweats, suffers from that muggy hot feeling causing one to feel that the room is much warmer than it should be.

Lack of comfort is not the only culprit however. High humidity can damage drywall, breed mold and causes other unpleasant, often unhealthy, conditions.

With a proper HVAC installation, a dehumidifier can also help by lowering humidity levels. In conjunction with an air conditioner, it is possible to program the humidity level so that the entire premises remains more comfortable and the consumer can run the air conditioner alone or with the dehumidifier as needed.